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Labour law

Labour law remains one of the key areas of our specialists’ expertise. Comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience gained in providing our corporate Clients with direct internal services allows us to efficiently advise them on even the most complicated employee counselling and representation cases.

We successfully handle our Clients’ litigation matters and represent them before the National Labour Inspectorate as well as before trade unions in negotiations and collective disputes.  

While actively responding to all kinds of our Clients’ labour-related problems, we not only make an all-out effort to strictly observe the law but also strive to take full account of the practical aspects and actual circumstances of a particular situation. This allows us to implement the optimum solutions that are tailored to the unique business environments of our Clients when closely cooperating with their HR departments.

We organise trainings and workshops to share with you our working knowledge of labour law, a discipline found to be indispensable for running a business and successfully taking on the everyday challenges of professional life.  

Our offer is addressed to large and medium-sized companies representing various lines of business; in particular those in the railway, logistic, clothing, and construction industries, and includes:  

  • preparing draft contracts related to labour law, including competition clauses, contracts for training and copyright-related contracts; 
  • preparing draft contracts related to other forms of employment (contract for services, agency agreements, specific work contracts); 
  • developing effective solutions for external employment (temporary work, outsourcing); 
  • developing and assessing drafts of work and wage regulations, and projects of Company Social Benefits Funds, as well as other employment-related documentation;  
  • advising on the legal aspects of occupational health and safety; 
  • conducting comprehensive legal and labour internal audits; 
  • developing non-standard and tailor-made solutions for working time and pay systems; 
  • providing help in solving legal and administrative problems related to Company Social Benefits Funds. 
  • solving problems arising out of the protection of the employer’s personal interests in the Internet; 
  • advising on the protection of personal data in work relationships; 
  • providing help in solving problems related to discrimination and mobbing in work relationships; 
  • providing practical advice on the processes of employment restructuring and implementing changes.