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Contract law

A contract is an intrinsic element of all business activities, and we pride ourselves on having extensive hands-on experience in providing complex legal advice on entering into an economic contract; especially those related to the construction process, contracts for providing services (in particular, maintenance of cleanliness, waste management, recruitment, medical aid), and contracts of sale, delivery, lease and tenancy, outsourcing (including services of outsourcing qualified IT personnel abroad). Our advice services also cover problems related to personal data protection (in particular entrusting of personal data processing contracts). 

As a team of lawyers, we are vastly experienced in developing drafts and models of contracts and also in assessing the legal risk related to contracts already entered into and those intended to be concluded by our Clients. Our draft contracts always take the specific character of our Clients’ business into account and are tailored to the ever-changing economic conditions.  

We are proud to offer our clients non-standard and creative solutions for ensuring satisfactory completion of contracts as well as to represent them at all stages of negotiations, including those concerning the recovery of claims arising from contracts: in pre-litigation procedure, mediation, and legal proceedings.  

The key areas of our services include:  

  • negotiating, drafting, and assessing economic contracts; 
  • preparing legal opinions and assessments; 
  • handling execution cases